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          Concentrator Model:LDK-A00L01 Brand:LD

          Introduction:Industrial Hub, Eight-way Interface, One-way Uplink Interface, Photoelectric Isolation, Fault Alarm, Electrostatic Protection, Surge Protection

          Return list

          RS485 Hub is an industrial grade RS485 hub, which has 8-ch completely isolated RS485 interfaces and 1-ch uplink RS485 interface. The RS485 interface adopts industrial terminal, which provides safety, stability and convenience for on-site wiring. RS485 Hub adopts standard rack chassis and adopts 8-24VAC and 9-30VDC two optional external power supply modes to meet the needs of users in different industries. RS485 Hub adopts full isolation protection structure, that is, each channel RS485 interface adopts continuous 1000V photoelectric isolation to ensure the stability of each channel RS485 interface under harsh environment. At the same time, each channel RS485 interface is equipped with fault isolation and short circuit protection of signal line. When the interface of the lower device is faulty or the signal line is short-circuited, the communication of this channel will be automatically excluded to ensure the normal communication of other channels and ensure the normal communication of the entire RS485 network.

          Product Features:

          Fully photoelectric isolated between the serial ports and between the slave/master serial ports. At the same time, the power supply of master and slave serial ports is also effectively isolated;

          The maximum rate of the master serial port is 115200 bps, and the maximum rate of the slave serial port is 115200 bps, which is transparently transmitted without changing the user communication protocol and data.

          Improves the serial port fault alarm prompt function. When a slave serial port fails (short circuit and disconnection, etc.), the corresponding indicator light will be alarmed (lights red), and the faulty slave serial port does not affect the normal communication of other slave serial ports;

          RS485 Hub is highly compatible, which implement the design of physical layer without high-level protocols, and is compatible with any serial port data transmission protocol;

          Supports strongly expandable, which can expand multiple (model) series devices through one serial port in the master serial ports, so as to realize superimposition of multiple devices and increase the access channels of the slave serial ports;

          Supports flexible access mode, which can realize multiple access modes such as 1-ch master serial port with 8-ch slave serial ports, 8-ch master serial ports with 1-ch slave serial port and extended stack, etc., to meet the requirements of industrial control and security comprehensive wiring access;

          The serial ports have high integration, and the data is switched from 1-ch master serial port to 8-ch slave serial port communication. If the expansion mode is set, more access from slave serial port can be realized.

          It can realize the repeater function of 485 signal long-distance transmission, effectively extend and guarantee the normal 485 data communication;

          15KV electrostatic protection, 600W surge protection and other efficient and reliable circuit protection.

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