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          Video integrated platform Model:LDK-JN20XX Brand:LD

          Introduction:Industrial Environment, Video Matrix Switching, Coding and Decoding, Real-time Preview, Compatibility and Expansibility

          Return list

          The Video Synthesis Platform supports analog and digital video matrix switching, video and audio encoding & decoding and network real-time live view. It is a carrier-class synthesis processing platform that integrates image processing, network functions, log management, and device maintenance. The use of the Video Synthesis Platform not only makes the entire monitoring system more compact, but also makes installation, debugging and maintenance easy. It has good compatibility and scalability, and can be widely applied to various video monitoring system projects.

          Product Features:

          Power supply: 100~120V AC 200~240V AC, 50/60Hz, Build-in redundant power supply.

          Working temperature: 0 °C - +50 °C.

          Supports to decode video compression standard formats such as H.264, H.265, MPEG4, and MPEG2.

          Supports the receiving and sending back of RS232/RS485 control command;

          Supports RS232/RS485 command input for device management and video matrix switching;

          Supports remote device management;

          Supports matrix switching control, scenario planning, system cascading;

          Supports video encoding input and video decoding output;

          Supports to decode ONVIF protocol device;

          Supports composite stream and video stream encoding, and there is audio and video synchronized encoding in composite stream;

          Single port supports 4K ultra HD signal access, and supports up to 12*4K ultra HD signal access in total;

          Supports screen splicing and real-time status information overlay.

          Copyright 2017 ? 天津市聯大通訊發展有限公司 津ICP備14002622號-1 Technical support: fast help cloud

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