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          Video Integrated Processing Host Model:LDK-KS0L24 Brand:LD

          Introduction:Industrial Environment, Video Matrix Platform, Linux System, Batch Processing, H.265, Support for ONVIF Protocol, 32-way Real-time View, Scalability

          Return list

          It is used for storage of video information, arbitrary combination switching of multi-picture images, batch switching of video images, and the like. The main body of HS4_Video Integrated Processing Host is made by cold-roll steel sheets and is electrostatic powder sprayed It has a beautiful appearance. Different mounting accessories can be selected according to different installation occasions. It can be installed in the cabinet or installed in horizontally or vertically. The installation method is flexible and can meet different installation requirements.

          Product Features:

          Embedded hardware and embedded Linux OS.

          It is available in both Chinese and English versions.

          Supports H.265& H.264 video formats encoding front-end adaptive access.

          Supports up to 12M pixel IP cameras access and supports 32-channel synchronous real-time live view.

          Supports HDMI and VGA video outputs, HMDI outputs at up to 4K resolution.

          Compatible with ONVIF2.4 protocol IP camera.

          Supports searching, playback, and backup of record files by event.

          Supports smart playback.

          Supports the storage of images captured by the front-end camera.

          Supports any combination of video images in multi-picture mode.

          Batch switching of IP cameras through serial commands.

          Built-in 32*2 video matrix feature.

          Copyright 2017 ? 天津市聯大通訊發展有限公司 津ICP備14002622號-1 Technical support: fast help cloud

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