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          Fixed Monitoring System(explosion-proof) Model:LDS-BPFB84 Brand:LD

          Introduction:eal-time monitoring, industrial environment, strong anti-seismic, explosion-proof signs: Ex dII C T6 Gb/DIP A21 TA, T6; Horizontal/vertical 360 degree continuous rotation, optical doubling, automatic focusing, wide dynamic, day-night conversion, support for ONVIF protocol, wide temperature range, built-in wipers

          Return list

              The LDS-BPFB84 Explosion-Proof Fixed Camera System with zoom function is applicable to outdoor and indoor environments, which implements real-time monitoring for targets.

              This camera system has a built-in large-magnification optical zoom lens and a high-performance camera. It has the characteristics of wide monitoring range, long distance, clear image, high sensitivity, high signal to noise ratio and ultra low illumination. It is suitable for large-scale high-power mechanical devices and equipment with flammable and explosive gases and combustible dust and high-intensity vibration in indoor and outdoor industrial environments. 

              If you need to change to the real-time monitoring of other fixed points, you can manually adjust the mount bracket of the camera system to aim at target, and then fix the mount bracket.

           The LDS-BPFB84 Fixed Camera System is designed and manufactured strictly in accordance with GB3836.1-2010 Explosive atmospheres-Part 1: Equipment-General requirements, GB3836.2-2010 Explosive atmospheres-Part 2: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures "d", GB12476.1-2013 Electrical apparatus for use in the presence of combustible dust- Part 5: Protection by enclosures "tD". The enclosure is made of all stainless steel. The camera system can be used in class IIC gas explosive atmospheres and class A21 dust explosive atmospheres. And it is manufactured according to QB Q/12NK Explosion-proof Camera System (IIC). It can be used in flammable, explosive atmospheres and combustible dust atmospheres such as petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, mining, drilling platforms, oil depots and ports.

              It supports multi-stream HD video browsing and control. The operation interface is convenient that the user can browse images through the web browser directly and use the mouse to make detailed settings of camera parameters. It supports a variety of network protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP, DHCP, DNS, and DDNS. It supports ONVIF protocol standard.

              It supports network upgrade, wide dynamic, auto iris, auto focus, automatic gain, backlight compensation, local video and picture capture function, maximum resolution: 50HZ: 25fps (1920×1080) / 60HZ: 30fps (1920×1080).

          The working temperature range of the LDS-BPFB84 Fixed Camera System is -40 to 60. In a low temperature environment, the heating device can be activated to operate the camera in a constant temperature range.

              In order to maintain the effect of image, a wiper controlled by automatic program is provided at the front of the camera system. Under the control of the program, work at regular time or regular predetermined intervals to ensure that the window glass is clean and does not affect the effect of image. The material of wiper blade is made of silicone rubber to ensure a service life of more than 6 years. The blade can be easily replaced if the wiper is damaged in special cases.

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